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Family law issues are often contentious. Whether you're navigating a divorce or trying to make sense of a custody or support arrangement, you can feel left out and powerless. At Krasienko Law Firm, we know that an experienced lawyer can make all the difference, bringing back independence to your life while helping you control the major decisions that are shaping it.

Attorney Lori Krasienko has been helping clients in Waco and throughout the surrounding Texas region with both simple and complex family law matters. We believe in educating our clients from start to finish, allowing them to explore all their available options before making a smart, informed choice.

How We Can Help

Our firm can guide you through the following matters:

We understand that family law matters are high-stress matters. We try to simplify these situations by finding common ground and pursuing mediation where available. But we also know that individuals won't always agree on everything. That's why we feel comfortable pursuing trial when other options are exhausted.

Ultimately, we want to help you through your situation quickly, easily and in a financially responsible manner.

Guidance Throughout The Adoption Process

Adoptions in Texas are some of the happiest court cases. Nevertheless, the process itself can be challenging. There are numerous hurdles and legal issues which must be dealt with during the initial process. Home visits, references and interviews can feel intrusive; even once the adoption is complete, there are numerous legal papers to be finalized.

With an effective attorney at your side, you can focus on the joy of adding a family member and leave the legal details to us.

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At Krasienko Law Firm, we understand the emotional side of divorce, child custody and adoption. We're here to serve as a strong advocate for you and to protect your interests. Contact our offices today or call (254) 523-0568 and let us guide you through these challenging family law issues.